You can remove those ugly plastic dealer emblems from the back of your vehicle, to make room for your new A/M/G emblem.   Why clutter up the back of your car with dealership advertising?

Those plastic dealer emblems can usually be removed by hand, and then remove any tape residue with auto Bug & Tar remover, or alcohol.  Remove those dealer license plate frames also, to unclutter the rear of your car or truck.  That way everyone can focus on your favorite emblem!



Do you offer 1 x 1/4 inch hitch covers?
Yes. Any emblem or school on a BLACK cover only. Just order the 2 inch of your choice & email us with the "Contact Us" tab that you would like the 1 x 1/4 size.
Are your products packaged for gift giving?

Yes. Our emblems come in a clear poly bag with a nice insert card with installation instructions.  Our hitch covers come in a box. 

Is my credit card info secure?

Yes.  This site processes through AUTHORIZE.NET.  Click on the seal to see that A/M/G is a verified merchant.  Also, visit their site to find out more about their company.

Do you have a privacy policy?

We DO NOT save or do anything with your info.  It is just that simple!

What attaches the metal car emblem?

The tape that affixes the emblem to a surface is an automotive double sided foam tape.  It is extremely durable, long lasting, and paint safe.  The emblems can not be easily removed by hand.

The best way to remove an emblem is to slowly pry it off with a rubber kitchen spatula or dental floss.  Any remaining residue can be removed by auto Bug & Tar remover, or alcohol.  Once removed, the foam tape will have to be replaced.

A/M/G will replace tape for any customer with a self addressed stamped envelope.  Replacement 3M tape is also available at Wal-Mart or Lowes in small rolls..

Where can I attach the car emblem?

The trunk lid, rear hatch, side panels or rear window of your vehicle.  The emblems will stick to any flat surface in your home or office also!!!!

Be sure to clean the area,  lightly test fit & stand back to be sure emblem is straight then press firmly in place.

Do emblem products need any maintenance?

You should definitely wax or polish any surface on our emblems or hitch covers once or twice a year with car wax.

Do you ship outside of the U.S?

No, due to extra paperwork & cost.