Upscale  Auto Emblems & Hitch Covers

Since 1995, AMG has been providing chrome car emblems and tow hitch covers to auto enthusiasts all over the country. Proudly located in Fort Worth, Texas, we have chrome auto emblems for over 75 universities, all with the thickest chrome plating available for a long lasting, durable shine. All orders ship within 2 business days.  Member of the National Association of College Stores & Fair Labor Association.

Collegiate Emblems & Hitch Covers

From Arizona to West Virginia, we’ve got hitch covers that you can sport on your vehicle to help express your support any number of schools. Take a look at the different collegiate hitch covers we offer!

Military Emblems & Hitch Covers

We’re proud of our service men and women who serve and fight for our country, and we know that you are too. If you decide you want to express that pride by decorating your vehicle, then you need to look at the variety of military emblems and hitch covers that we offer for all branches of the military. Check them out here.

Wildlife & Outdoor Emblems and Hitch Covers

If you consider yourself to be an outdoor enthusiast or a wildlife fanatic, then you need to get a glimpse of our WILDLIFE BUCK and BASS emblems & hitch covers. They will be sure to display your passion for all the outdoors has to offer!

Flag Emblems & Hitch Covers

Flags represent honor, pride, and a sense of commitment to certain values. Many people love to display their love for their state or to our nation by sporting various flag emblems and hitch covers on their vehicles. If this is you, then we’ve got you covered. Check out our flag emblems and hitch covers now!